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Karma Corneal

| The KAMRA™ Vision Procedure

Dramatically reduce your dependency

on reading glasses, whether you’re

at home, at work or on the go

| Clinics

White water treatment, Blue Water Treatment, Reconstructive eye surgery, Ophthalmology for children, Retinal surgery, Age-related corneal deterioration, Eye diseases associated with diabetes, Service of cornea, Refractive Surgery

Physical and annual sports, Asthma and Allergy Care, Consultation on behavioral and school issues, Care for diseases and infections (eg, colds, ear / eye infections, pneumonia, urinary tract infections), Radiology at the site and laboratory, Premature birth and neonatal care, Urgent care / patient visits, Treatment of skin conditions (such as rashes, eczema, warts and poison ivy)

Treatment of infertility and artificial insemination, Diagnosis of causes and treatment of recurrent miscarriages, Treatment of menstrual cycle disorders, The abundance of hair, Polycystic ovary, Treatment of menopause , Follow-up of pregnancy and high-risk pregnancies, Natural and caesarean birth, Women's cosmetic operations, Early detection of cervical tumors, Detection using sonar quadrature dimensions, Pre-marital screening,Surgical and diagnostic endoscopy

Regular tests, Professional cleaning, sizing and polishing, X-ray (Periapical, Cephalometric, Panoramic, Bitewing), Stickers for cracks, Repair and improve your teeth and your mouth health, Fillings (compound, amalgam), Crowns and Bridges (PFM, EMAX, Zirconium), Luminers, Veneer, Treatment of toothpaste, Surgical extraction, Enamel glitter, Partial dentures and full treatment in root channels, Teeth whitening (home bleaching and office bleaching)

Ultrasound examination of Abdomen, Pelvis, obesteric, neck and small parts, Color duplex study of peripheral, carotid, aorta and renal artery, Mammographic and US examination of the breast, Plain X-Ray examination to all body parts, CT examination to brain, orbit, PNS, Sella, Cervical, Lumbosacral, spines, abdomen pelvis CTU for urinary stones, musculoskeletal system, color 3 dimensional and reformation iPhone 4S Cases UK, triphsic vascular protocol to hepatic and renal tumors, prehepatic implantation scan to the donor and recipient including volumetric hepatic study, Dental CT, Bone Mineral density, CT angiography