About Us

About Us


Al Rabiah Medical Center is a high tech outpatient care center located in Farwaneeah Kuwait and has been operating for the past 3 years in its new facility after a successful expansion in 2007. We are deeply rooted in the Ophthalmology practice and compete on an international level both in expertise and technology. With a very large investment in the latest medical, X-ray and surgical equipment we are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to medical innovation.

Our physicians are a special breed of primary care physicians and specialists are committed to promoting good health and healthy lifestyles for their patients.

Most importantly, our physicians place the patients’ needs above all else We are open Saturday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5 pm to 9 pm , some clinics offer extended hours. Al Rabiah Medical Center offers expert medical care in the areas of Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dentistry, state of the art Emergency Care and a full in house Pharmacy .

We have probably serviced every Family and Household in Cosplay Costumes Kuwait during the our 20+ years of service.



In the name of God the Merciful

Welcome to our website……….

Before you proceed any further we’d like to offer you a brief summary of our perspective and direction for medicine, society and science.
Some of you may wonder, Why choose this medical center and there are many others, and to answer that, I like to mention I am Dr. Sami Mahmoud Al-Rabiah, Kuwaiti to the core, I was born in Qebla District in 1952.

I was born and raised on these grounds and inhaled it’s air, this country overwhelmed me by its love and it filled my heart …I’ve exercised the government work in the medical field for a period of thirty years and I think I entered most of the Kuwaiti homes, wither through operations or examinations. But the idea that occupied my mind and soul is to do a project to serve this land and its people, and God helped me to build this establishment, which I would like it to be a beacon that illuminates the way of medical and science for the community, medicine and doctors.

If we look at our logo we can absorb all the ideas and principles upon which this center was established. Our Logo is the branch of a palm tree, but in blue, the palm tree is deeply rooted in the Kuwaiti heritage ,and there is no doubt that there is a clear love between the inhabitants of this land and this blessed tree. The color blue is the color of our sky and our sea and took root in our souls, to the extent that it’s the color of Kuwait in all global sports events. This shows purity and serenity, calm and tolerance and this is what characterized our Arab Muslim society.

Finally, I invite you and welcome you to browse our website and view all the activities we have .

Your Brother

Dr. Sami Mahmoud Al-Rabiah






Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our services meet the expectations of everyone who comes to us.

We strive to maintain customer satisfaction, insuring that we have the latest Medical technologies and an excellent Customer Service program provides mechanisms to ensure that concerns are heard from patients and their families.


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