The department of anesthesiology represents one of the major clinical disciplines in the clinic. In addition to anesthesia, our department covers also intensive care unit, emergency medicine and outpatient clinic for:


  •  Pre- operative assessment
  •  Preparation of surgical patients.
  •  Relief of post operative pain.
  •  Obstetric units.
  •  Cardiac arrest team.
  •  Intensive care unit.
  •  Emergency department.
  •  Dentistry.
  •  Radiology and radiotherapy units.


The key attributes of our good anesthesia doctors are:-
  •  Self-reliance and the ability to assess the sevrity of life –threatening conditions as will as initiate emergency treatment
  •  An understanding of their own limitation and the need to call for help
  •  Good communication skills with relatives & patients.
  •  Good interpersonal skills to deal with all members of the theatre team
  •  Reliability
  •  Ability to self motivate
  •  Flexibility
  •  A good team player
  •  Reasonable manual dexterity


The role of an anesthetist is to provide anesthesia and analgesia for patient under going surgery or painful procedures. The anesthetist determines the appropriate method of anesthesia for a patient by the following criteria: a physical examination, an evaluation of patient’s clinical results& a risk assessment profile. In addition, it is the anesthetist’s duty to provide preoperative care which include for e.g. addressing the anxieties


or fears of a patient and to pre-medicate the patient in preparation for surgery. During an operation, after the administration of anesthesia (general, regional or local) and /or analgesia, the patient enters a state of carefully controlled unconscious ness and all his/her body functions are constantly monitored by the anesthetist. After an operation (post – operative period), the anesthetist


monitors the patient’s condition in a recovery unit, until they can be transferred to a ward. We are a team of highly specialized doctors and nurses, dedicated to providing a comprehensive anesthesia and analgesia services with optimum clinical care.

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