Laboratory Department

A medical laboratory or clinical Laboratory are done on clinical specimens in order to get information about The health of a patient as pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.


Our lab technicians responsible for:

  •     Collection blood or specimen samples from patients
  •     Logging patient samples and preparing them for tests
  •     Setting up lab equipment
  •     Conducting routing tests and analyses of samples
  •     Cleaning equipment and maintaining a sterile laboratory environment.

    Our lab technicians are characterized by carful way in collecting sample by:
    1- reassuring the patient before phlebotomy adult (male or female)or if the patient is child.
    2- Sometimes the lab. technician in having difficulty in finding the vein so he/or she can call ( for example E.R.Dr.s or the anaesthetist ) to help .
    Our lab area is wider, enough to let 4 persons to run over the analysis at the same time .
    Regarding our machines is recently up dated for more accuracy of the test results .

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