Our Dental Clinic specializes in the complete restoration of your teeth and smile, with a commitment to both functionality and appearance.

We always take into account your unique needs in terms of both functionality and appearance to create the healthiest and most natural appearance possible.



we provide a full range of Dentistry services including:
  •  regular exams
  •  professional cleanings, Scaling and Polishing
  •  X-rays (Periapical, Cephalometric, Panoramic, Bitewing)
  •  Fissure Sealants
  •  Repair, improve and enhance your teeth and oral health.
  •  Fillings (Composite, Amalgam)
  •  crowns & bridges (PFM, EMAX, Zirconium)
  •  Veneers
  •  Luminers
  •  Pedodontic treatment
  •  Surgical Extractions
  •  Enamel Twinkles
  •  dentures partials and complete root canals treatment
  •  Teeth whitening (home bleaching and office bleaching)

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